Recipes? Schmescipes

Please allow me to put my cards on the table here and confess something that many people won’t like…

I don’t often cook with recipes.

Outside of the first time I make something, I’ll rarely go back to the recipe. Yes, I use some basics for cooking and baking is another whole other story, but for the most part? I’m a wing it kind of girl. I even wing it with baking sometimes!


Why do I do this? I do that because cooking is something that I feel inspired by and the more inspired I feel or the more Love I’m feeling when doing it, the better it comes out. No joke.

Many times, I’ll look in the fridge and toss some of this and some of that into the pan with some garlic and white wine and viola! something great comes out of it. Other times I challenge myself to see how long I can go without going to the grocery store and come up with some great things…and I can usually go quite awhile!

I can often replicate what I’ve made and I can jot down some notes for you if you ask me, but since I don’t work from recipes, I can’t promise the same results if you try it.

My first piece of advice for you while cooking? Go with it. There’s no hard and fast rules to follow. If you think something might be good, give it a whirl. It might be awesome, it might suck.

If it sucks? That’s what peanut butter and jelly is for…welcome.


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