Don’t mess up childhood favorites! Just say, “NO!”

Emphatically even.

When we were younger and crunched for time (and I imagine money sometimes too) Momma would make Chips and Cheese for snacks or dinner. Corn chips with shredded cheese sprinkled over it in the microwave for 20-45 seconds depending on how much was there. The idea was to get the cheese gooey but not bubbling/hard. It was pretty much a science that as we got older would often make for ourselves when Momma was out and about or we were just plain hungry.

I always had mine with salsa. Sometimes I’d put it under the cheese. Oh man it was good…

Last night I got home late from the pool and wanted something quick and warm for dinner. I had baked Tostitos Scoops and salsa but thought dinner needed something more. As I poked around in my fridge, I found shredded fat-free cheddar and shredded mozzarella. I figured the mozzarella wouldn’t be as great on the salty goodness of the Scoops so I opted for the fat-free cheddar.

Not my best move. Not even close.

I realize that fat-free cheese isn’t regular cheese and therefore wouldn’t measure up to my memories/desires, but this was just not good. Luckily the salsa covered it up and I ate it. I promptly threw the rest of the bag away. Now, I’m not sure where it came from (not to worry, it was fine to eat) but I can say that I will not be purchasing it. (Again?)

While not my worse culinary mistake ever it was NOT the Chips and Cheese of my youth.

Have you ever had a time that you tried to make something you’ve made 1,000 times and it just didn’t work? What was it?



One Response to “Don’t mess up childhood favorites! Just say, “NO!””

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