My Favorite Brussels Sprouts!

Now, I know Brussels sprouts aren’t everyone’s favorite. (I don’t understand why, they’re SO good for you and super tasty…)IMG_0712 but this particular recipe is so yummy, maybe you can convert them? If not…MORE FOR YOU! (And isn’t that what matters in the long run? Tasty food for you?)

I mentioned that this recipe is yummy, but what I didn’t say that it’s easy.  I should have said so, because it is! Super easy really…Ready for easy? (Note, you can use a similar technique for many other “sturdy” veggies. Like Potato or Carrots.)

I preheated the oven to about 350*F give or take. It seems to be a good veggie cooking temperature.

As you can see I used my round casserole dish thingie. (Technical term, I’m sure of it.) It’s a pretty standard size and has a cover. It gets used a lot because it’s quite versatile  and easy to clean.

In the bottom of it I put some lemon pepper and dill. I do this by eye but I think it amounted to about half a tablespoon of lemon pepper and about half a teaspoon of dill. Adjust to your tastes accordingly. This was a good amount for a pound of fresh brussels sprouts.IMG_0714

Then see that wine bottle? I didn’t really like it as a drinking wine, but it was quite good as a cooking wine. It’s a Riverside Chardonnay of some sort. I might have bought it on a wine tasting tour or someone left it at my house but regardless, I’m not one to waste wine!  I put about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch in the bottom of the dish.

As you can also see, I use my cookie sheet as a topper for my stove to give me more counter-top space. I also have a cool over the sink thing too that I’ll show some other time. Hey, a girl has to make do with what she has and as you could see in yesterday’s video, my kitchen is rather um, small.

OK. So far, we’ve preheated the oven and put some spices and wine in the dish. Use a fork to stir it around a bit. I have no idea if this is necessary, but it’s what I do. Maybe I’m just weird? I do think it makes for less clumping though.

Next trip up your Brussels sprouts. I like to pull icky looking leaves off and trim the bases. Again, not sure this is necessary, but you’ll find sometimes I do little extra things to the food I’m making and it makes me feel better. (I’m not talking about anything icky, just slightly persnickety, like uniform chopping and making it pretty in the dish.) IMG_0716

Also, this is a good time to cut the big ones in half so that they cook more evenly and you don’t bite into half a raw Brussels sprout. It’s not bad, it’s just not great.

Now that they’re all in the dish, put the top on and give it a shake over the sink so you can get the wine and spices around in there. It’ll help make the flavor even and they will be less likely to dry out. Cover and stick in the oven. Leave it alone for at least 20 min.

If you don’t have a cover for your dish, use aluminum foil so the liquid doesn’t cook off entirely. Then it’ll burn, be hard to clean and you’ll have an icky mess on your hands.

Here’s the next thing with me and cooking…because I wing it so much, I can’t tell you just how long something was cooked (unless it’s baked). I can guess it cooked between 30 and about 40 min but my gauge for something like veggies is “When I can smell it, it’s done.”

I’m not talking about the burned smell, I’m talking about when the smell of the spices starts to come into the other room. That’s when I take a look at it. In this instance, I took a large spoon and gave it a stir to get the Chardonnay and spice mix around and put it back in with the cover on for a little longer.

In true Cute~Ella fashion, I forgot to take a picture of the end result. I was SO excited to eat them that it just slipped my mind. I will next time I make them.

A pound of them was good for me for two dinners and a lunch when served with something else. I imagine that it would be tasty to skip the spices and cook them with some bacon. Maybe I’ll try that next time and let you know.



3 Responses to “My Favorite Brussels Sprouts!”

  1. KicknKnit Says:

    Personally I LOVE Brussels Sprouts! I don’t make them often because I’m the only one who eats them.
    I usually pickle mine with some dill and cayenne pepper.

    I also cook by “smell”.. but usually, for me, it’s bread. I know when bread is done by how it smells.

    I do wonder often, though… is it smell or cooking intuition?

  2. Late Bloomer Says:

    Love Brussels sprouts, and so does my kid, believe it or not. I nuke them in a covered Pyrex bowl for 3 minutes after cutting the bottoms and trimming them. No extra water, just whatever’s left on after I wash them. Nice and quick and works for getting a fast dinner on the table for the husband and hungry teenage boy.

  3. v Says:

    Here’s a really delicious way to do brussels sprouts:

    Trim your sprouts and cut them in half. Either steam (my preference) OR just cook in a pot of boiling water ’til fork-tender. While they’re cooking, cut up some pancetta into small strips and saute until almost crispy (you can add some olive oil to the pan if you like; I usually throw in about a tablespoon), then add some fresh sliced mushrooms (whatever kind you like) and cook the pancetta & mushies together until the mushrooms are done and the pancetta is nice and crispy on the outside. Drain the brussels sprouts when they’re done (make sure they’re cooked through all the way through) and then add them to the pan with the pancetta and mushrooms. Add some salt and freshly ground black pepper. You can also throw in about a tablespoon or so of butter (because it makes EVERYthing better). Stir it all around so the sprouts are coated, and you’re done.

    Above is the original recipe as it was told to me, but I’m not a huge mushroom lover so I usually leave them out. The salty goodness of the pancetta gives the dish plenty of flavor.

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