Helpful Hint: Chicken Strips

IMG_3007Is your schedule hectic like mine can be? If so, here’s a little helpful hint to keep healthy, just about ready to go food on hand so you aren’t as tempted to call for take out or eat out.

Each week I trim the fat from, cut into inch or so wide strips, and cook 2 chicken breasts. That’s enough for me for 4 meals. I cook it in different things, but usually it’s some white wine, salt and pepper. Once it’s cooked simply, you can further seasoned as you like or just eaten as is.

This week I used some pinot grigio I had left over, some Montreal Steak seasoning and kosher salt. After cooking I let it cool and put it in a storage container for later. So far, I’ve mixed it into chicken salad and made it into buffalo chicken to top a salad.

I have tomato sauce, pasta and mozzarella on hand to make some chicken parm like yumminess or I have rice and mixed veggies to whip up some stir fry.

What would you do with precooked chicken?

IMG_3007, originally uploaded by cuteellaisbold.


2 Responses to “Helpful Hint: Chicken Strips”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Leftover wine? How did that happen?

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