Pantry Challenge Time!

Have you ever looked at your fridge and/or pantry and thought, “There’s a lot of random food in there!”?

I do it once in a while and then my second thought is, “This means no grocery shopping – SCORE!” (I hate grocery shopping.) And then I get excited about that.

I have no idea what I actually have in my fridge and or pantry at the moment, but I can guess. I also can guess that it’s likely more than enough to get me through to my upcoming vacation in March so I’m going to challenge myself to a Pantry Challenge. No more grocery shopping outside of dairy and produce. Everything else has to come from the fridge or pantry.

And I have to make actual meals from it, not just food to fill my belly.

(Previously, this has resulted in some pretty awesome dishes like egg noodles with kielbasa and green beans in a white wine Dijon sauce, a chicken and asparagus dish with capers and rice, and blueberry tartish things that are very tasty.)

I’ll make sure to take photos and keep you posted on what I make. The posts will all be tagged with #pantrychallenge so you can search them easily on the right.

Have you ever done a Pantry Challenge? What interesting dishes did you come up with?



5 Responses to “Pantry Challenge Time!”

  1. Sweet and Spicy Marinated Red Peppers « Cute~Ella Cooks Says:

    […] garlic pita point and some asiago cheese. (Oh that sounds divine. I’d like some now! Damn Pantry Challenge or I’d go buy […]

  2. Sue Says:

    As we’ve discussed, I have no food in my fridge or pantry-cupboards. But I continue to be amazed by the talent it takes to put together yummy-goodness from random finds.

  3. Spicy Shrimp and Rice « Cute~Ella Cooks Says:

    […] with a LOT of left over rice.  I was thinking about what I could make with it from what I had on hand and decided that I would use some of the frozen shrimp from my freezer to make a tasty […]

  4. Sunday’s Cooking « Cute~Ella Cooks Says:

    […] Chili – I usually make mine with turkey or lean beef, but as part of the Pantry Challenge I’m going vegetarian for this batch and it smells […]

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