Sweet and Spicy Marinated Red Peppers

IMG_3013The other day on Cute~Ella Carries, I posted a teaser with some pretty red peppers and asked what I would be making with them.

Turns out I was making Sweet and Spicy Marinated Red Peppers! (I put them on salads and sandwiches, but you could do lots of other things with them.)

The sweet pepper flavor is a really nice contrast to the spice of the Worcestershire Sauce and the salt enhances both.

This was one of those things I sort of found by accident when I was making something else and can no longer remember what that was. Accident or not, it’s one that people have asked for me to make and bring in addition to salads or antipasto dishes. It’s also quite decadent paired with a toasted garlic pita point and some asiago cheese. (Oh that sounds divine. I’d like some now! Damn Pantry Challenge or I’d go buy some.)

Note: Sweet and Spicy Marinated Red Peppers are not something that you can whip up and have right away. Well you can, but it’s not optimal.  For best flavor, I usually let it sit for a couple of days. Just keep that in mind

First, we start with kosher salt, Worcestershire Sauce and a red pepper. You’ll need a container with a tight cover too.

Put a couple of pinches of kosher salt in the bottom of your container with a cover. Slice up your pepper, de-seed and put the slices in the container too.

IMG_3021Next just douse the peppers and salt with the Worcestershire Sauce. I usually cover about half an inch or so in the bottom of the dish.

Cover the dish.

Shake. (Over the sink in case it drips, learn from my experience.)

Store in the fridge. Since you’re going to give it  a couple of days, you should think about shaking it around once a day or so to get them all covered. You might notice that the peppers get soft and it seems like there’s more liquid. That’s just fine.

Like I said before, you can put these on just about anything and if you ask me, the longer they’re in the marinade, the better they are. Just last night, I had them as part of a turkey sandwich with provolone and a little mayonnaise on toasted sandwich rounds. It was delicious.

What would you put Sweet and Spicy Marinated Red Peppers on? Or would you eat them right out of the dish like I’ve been known to do?


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