Spicy Shrimp and Rice

Last week, when I made the Italian Chicken with Brown Rice and Mushrooms I was left with a LOT of left over rice.  I was thinking about what I could make with it from what I had on hand and decided that I would use some of the frozen shrimp from my freezer to make a tasty dish.

In the photo here, you’ll see the following:IMG_3090

  • Two servings of little frozen shrimp according to the package they came in
  • Juice sized box of Target’s Pinot Grigio – some to drink, some to use.
  • Bangkok Padang Peanut Sauce – I used about 4 tbs but it was SPICY
  • Left over rice (of which I used two 2/3 cup servings)
  • Stubbs Ginger Rosemary Rub
  • Two servings of frozen mixed veggies which have been thawed in the microwave

(Please note that I do not receive any compensation for my use of their product. It’s what I found at the store and have on hand. If they would like to send me stuff to try, I’m game!)

Are you ready for easy? Here we go!

IMG_3091I put all that in a heated pan with a little white wine in the bottom to prevent sticking. (You can use butter or spray, I prefer to use white wine as I have a rather unnatural fear of butter, oils and fats but please use what strikes your fancy.)

As you can see, I put the rice on one side, the veggies on another and the shrimp on top. Then I sprinkled the Stubbs on top of the shrimp (this is done to taste, I think I used about a teaspoon total) and mixed it all together to heat.

Because everything was already cooked this didn’t take much time to cook at all – about 10 min later or so to warm it all up and cook off the wine in the bottom.

Then, I put about 4 tbs of the Peanut Sauce in a dish with a splash or two of the wine and mixed until it was an even consistency. This was then poured over the rice veggies and shrimp until well covered and man did it smell good! (Ginger, rosemary and spicy peanut…just imagine it!)IMG_3093

One thing to note, this was very spicy BUT I like it that way. If you’re one that does not like all that much heat, please feel free to use less of the Peanut Sauce!

For this particular dish, I very much enjoyed the sweet flavor from the corn and the carrots, the nutty peanut flavor and the heat from the Peanut Sauce and the little bites of shrimp sprinkled throughout.

If cooked carrots aren’t your thing (as has been mentioned before by one of my readers) please use whatever veggie you’d like. I just happen to have (and like) this veggie mix on hand. I also have edamame I could use or stir fry mix too!

When you make this, go wild! Let me know what you do.

What veggies would you sub for this dish?


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