Photo Recipe – Carrot Ginger Soup

Reposted from here.


Take sorry looking carrots.
About a pound of them or so.

IMG_2595Cut into pieces.
Not your fingers though.


Cook carrots. I used wine. I usually use wine.


Cook some pasta according to directions.
Use about a cup.
Have fun with it.
Next time? Stars!


Mush carrots into puree.
Be careful those suckers are hot.


Mix carrot mush into chicken or veggie stock.
Heck, use beef if that’s what you have on hand.
I ended up using two cans.


Put in some beans if you’d like.
I liked. A can of them.


Make it Bold and Sassy to taste with these guys.
A shake of this, a shake of that…whatever’s clever.
They’re awesome.

There you go. Enjoy. I enjoyed before I remembered to take a photo of the finished product. I have to get better at this!


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