Guest Post: Garlic & Herb Chicken

Please allow me to introduce one of my Twitter Friends Sue.  I find her writing to be of the honest variety that you can’t help but nodding your head at and saying, “Right on SisterFriend” in your head…or out loud if that’s your preference. I think what I like best is that she’s real. She’s one of those people who just get it and don’t put on the airs as my great grandma would say.  Sue’s also an often contributor to our Would You Rather and more recently Hangman game on Twitter and if you’re on and not following her, get to it! She has previously guest posted here.

I can not tell you how proud of her I am for stepping up and taking a challenge for this guest post. THANK YOU!

She also writes here

I don’t cook. It’s not that I can’t; it’s that I don’t know how, and have very little desire to learn. But, I am inspired when I see people pull together a whole meal and make it seem so simple. Like this post, for example.

I knew I wanted to give it a try; plus, I promised to blog my attempt, so now I was accountable. Here’s the thing…. I don’t eat mushrooms or cooked carrots. Especially not cooked carrots – ever.

Plus, there’s all the little things. You know, make the rice, chicken and veggie come out at the same time…don’t under or over cook the chicken….don’t cut off a finger while I chop….

Good grief

Miracle DishThen I remembered this dish. It’s called the Miracle Dish from Princess House – and it really is a miracle, because I’ve cooked with it before. I also remembered that a consultant once cooked rice and chicken in the dish together…. A-Ha!!
As luck would have it, I’d accidentally purchased some garlic and herb flavored rice a couple weeks back.Ready to Cook

I layered the rice at the bottom of the dish, and added a little water and a touch of butter for flavor. I put my chicken thighs (I dislike breasts) on top of the rice, drizzled some extra virgin olive oil on the chicken, and topped it all off with a garlic and herb seasoning from Tastefully Simple.

Since the dish is pressed crystal, and not glass, nothing gets out while it’s cooking. The heat and moisture cooked the chicken to perfection, and the water combined with the juices cooked thDinner is servede rice up nicely. The rice around the edges of the dish did brown up.

If I did this again, I’d use a little more water. That said – it was still tasty, with a good texture. I planned to steam some broccoli (in the microwave, natch), but remembered I had some leftover peas that I needed to use up, so I made those instead.

About an hour in the oven, and….

Dinner is served.

I’m so proud of her! She took what she knew and ran with it ending up with something that looks pretty awesome. If you’re interested in one of those Miracle Dishes, shoot her a  message and I bet she can hook you up. I’d have one, but it won’t fit in my current microwave.


2 Responses to “Guest Post: Garlic & Herb Chicken”

  1. Sue Says:

    Ohhhh….thanks for all the link-love my friend. I so hope you’re enjoying your time off. 🙂

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