Sharing is Caring – Ice Cube Trays Do What?

Welcome to Sharing is Caring Thursday where I will share a post from someone else’s blog, site or news with you and give some of my thoughts on it too. You might recall that I cook and feed people as a way to show my love for them so I’m looking at this as a way to continue showing my love for others.


Last summer, I got a new fridge for my little tiny kitchen. I was really stoked that it was full size and one of the reasons I was SO excited that it was full-sized was that it meant I could have ice-cube trays!

It’s the little things in life people. Little things. And I love having ice in my drinks to crunch on when the drink is gone.

Now that I have the space, I always have ice for my drinks and that makes me a happy camper, but it also means that I have the ability to use ice-cube trays for other things!

One of the things I use them for is to make these neat hot chocolate on a stick that I’ve been making. While that doesn’t go in the freezer, other things do and The Kitchen has 8 Uses for Your Ice Cube Trays. Check it out…

Personally, I think I’ll be trying the lemon and sweet wine for slushies

What do you use your ice-cube trays for?


If you have a post to share, please feel free to send it on over for me to share with others! It should be cooking or food related and lets aim for positivity!



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