Sharing is Caring – Bacon Roses

5472558758_c14891796eWelcome to Sharing is Caring Thursday where I will share a post from someone else’s blog, site or news with you and give some of my thoughts on it too. You might recall that I cook and feed people as a way to show my love for them so I’m looking at this as a way to continue showing my love for others.


If you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr you might have seen this already, but it won’t hurt to see again I’m sure.

Today I give you Bacon Roses. Aren’t they pretty?

The photo is from here.

Who wants to make them for me?

Now go leave My Last Bite some love for being such a genius.

And then let me know when you’ll be making them for me. Please and thank you.


If you have a post to share, please feel free to send it on over for me to share with others! It should be cooking or food related and lets aim for positivity!



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