Vacation Eats!

I’m back from vacation and getting back into the swing of things. The Pantry Challenge is over and it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. It turns out that I had more on hand than I thought I did so it didn’t get as creative as in previous ones.

I will have another one in May before I get ready to move…but back to vacation.

While I was on vacation, I ate a lot of food and even made some of it.

I ate wonderful stromboli with artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes, do it yourself salad with shrimp and feta, mahi mahi at The North Turn and more steak than I’ve eaten in the last year and we ate at my favorite St. Augustine restaurant – The Mill Top Tavern.

We found a the local grocery store makes pretty decent sushi rolls and has a fantastic bakery where we ordered Siccaccia which is a focaccia bread with any number of ingredients baked in. (Think caramelized onions, tomatoes and portabella mushrooms with cheese.)

We had breakfast at local diners and ate way too much food. hotpocket1

Mom made some wonderful pasta in a white wine garlic sauce and we made Homemade Hot Pockets as Frank called them, yogurt and fruit mix for breakfast some mornings, and a dip for strawberries, but I was on vacation so my time in the kitchen was sort of limited by eating at my Aunt and Uncles and out and about. And left overs.

I’ll share how we made the Homemade Hot Pockets next week, but these are the only photos I think I have of it. Oh well…

I’ll get back to cooking and posting more once I finish getting settled into real life again. Why does it always have to be so hard to come back from vacation?

It’s tempting to eat just cereal and sandwiches now that I’m home, but I picked up groceries last night so at the very least I can make chicken and veggies for dinners. Veggies and lean protein weren’t central in my diet while I was on vacation so I’m seriously craving some of that. Since I’ve been home, I’ve been eating salads made from chick peas and broccolislaw with any number of other ingredients like it’s my job…When your body asks for a food, typically it needs it!

When you get back from a vacation, what kind of foods do you crave?


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