Ginger Pear? I just can’t share!

Yesterday was Momma’s birthday and Ginger Pear Mini Muffins are her favorite. It sounds like a different combination, but it really works!

Saturday, I mixed up some of this:

And baked them up like this:

And the insides looked like this:
I’m typically a very giving person who will share what I have with most, but some things? I just can’t. Part of it is that I’ve worked hard to make them so very delicious and while I”m willing to make them for others, I can’t just hand over the recipe. (And this is one those things I do use a recipe for!)

Besides, I don’t want people angry at me if they can’t recreate my deliciousness!

What recipe do you have that you can’t bring yourself to share?


5 Responses to “Ginger Pear? I just can’t share!”

  1. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide Says:

    I guess I’ll just have to stare and drool. It looks like they turned out amazingly.

  2. thesavvystudent Says:

    I’m actually a little sad that you won’t share – I was really liking the sound of this flavour combo and they look adorable (as most mini-muffins and cupcakes do). I have yet to find a recipe that I won’t share…unless its one that I’ve come up with on the spot and can’t quite remember what I did.

  3. Surprise! Your feet are wet. « Cute~Ella is… Says:

    […] with my blueberry pancakes being gross and then I burned the muffins for my step dad. I’ve made these literally dozens of times. Dozens! And burned […]

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