Dreaming of it all…

In a few short weeks, I’ll leave my very small apartment with a tiny kitchen and move to a slightly less small apartment with a very big functional kitchen.

I’m so very excited. Basically, the kitchen was the one of the few reasons I said yes to this apartment with only one closet and no storage space. Yes, it has some lovely features, but only one closet. Whatever, I’ll make it work.

I am however very excited to have SO. MUCH. SPACE. in my new kitchen AND a full sized stove. Do you know what that means? I can make more than one cookie sheet of cookies at once. I can do roll out cookies and have real decorating space and, and, and oh the possibilities are endless.

I will most certainly be making roll out sugar cookies – they’re some of my favorites to make and decorate for special occasions. Gingerbread cookies and other holiday cookies now that I can cook them faster and have room to cool them.  I’ll also feel free to make meringue cookies. I do love them so, but they have to be baked and sit still for a very long time so I haven’t been able to make them since I only currently have an oven for one cookie sheet. I can also make more than one loaf of bread and cook full pans of lasagna AND a loaf of garlic bread with it!

Also, I’m stoked that I can use my crock pot and try lots of fun new things with that. Right now, I can have my toaster oven out or my crock pot. Stews, soups, roasts and more from my cook book! Yay.

I’m so very excited. I don’t know if you can tell.

So what should I make first? Do you have a favorite cookie or crock pot recipe that I should try?


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