Yummy & Quick! Broccoli with Cheese

Tuesdays will be deemed Yummy & Quick day here at Cute~Ella Cooks. I’ll share something that I find Yummy to eat and Quick to make with you guys. If you have something Yummy & Quick that you make and would  like to share, please do!

I’m sorry that I don’t have photos for you today. I left my camera in the car that day. Can you picture broccoli florets and melted cheese on them?  You can? That’s fantastic.

So cheese and broccoli. It’s so tasty. I like to make mine with Cheddar mostly but sometimes a little Swiss is good too. Whatever your heart and tummy desire is just fine for this. I have some Gouda at home that would be delightful I think.

Anyway. Here’s how I make it.

You need:

  • a good sized microwave safe dish
  • a bag of frozen broccoli and a serving or two per person you need to feed depending on how much they want
  • shredded cheese (about 1/3 cup per 2 servings of broccoli, but you can make this more or less to what you want)
  • spices to your liking if you want (I like either Garlic Pepper or Rosemary Ginger)

Basically, you put your frozen broccoli in a microwave dish. Cook according to the directions on the bag or get one of those microwave right in the bag and cook it right in the bag. Drain it when it’s done cooking. You don’t want soggy cheese.

That’s just gross.

Put shredded cheese of your choice  and a shake or two of your preferred spice on top of cooked and drained broccoli. Mix around with a fork or big spoon. Microwave again for 30-90 seconds depending on how much is there. You want the cheese to be melty but not bubbly.

Note that microwave powers vary so you’ll want to be careful that your cheese doesn’t get too crispy. If you have a super high powered one like we have at work it’ll be a much shorter time than in my dinky microwave at home.

Let cool a bit, pair with a protein (hard boiled eggs or precooked chicken are my go to on busy nights) and enjoy!

(Nutritional info will vary based on your type of cheese and how much  you use.)

What’s your favorite Yummy & Quick to make?

Please note that I did not receive any compensation for using any particular products. I’m just sharing what I like.



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