Have we become this lazy?

smores grahmI suppose the answer is yes, since this made it past product design and testing…

I was in the store the other day to pick up a few things and saw these. Honey Maid Squares.

Yep. Half a graham cracker marketed specifically for S’mores.

Really? Seriously When did we get too lazy to break the graham cracker in half so we could put the chocolate and melted marshmallow on it?

I didn’t see a price, but I’d put a whole dollar on the fact that they likely cost more than he regular box.

I for one will keep breaking my regular graham crackers in half. Thankyouverymuch.

So what’s the most lazy food item you’ve seen lately? (Easy Mac and other on the go meals non-withstanding, they make sense sometimes.)

No one paid for me to do this post and I think they’d probably be upset if they read it. Too bad, so sad.


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