New Ideas are Cooking

Pardon the pun, I get such a kick out of them, but I’ll try not to use them.

Now that we’re getting settled into the new place and it’s starting to cool off a bit, not only am I cooking again, but Frank is starting too! I have so much to share and ideas I want to get into that I can’t wait to start.

In the coming weeks (as it gets cooler again and I cook and bake more) I hope to get back on a track that includes the following:

  • Cooking with Kids – Just like it says, I’ll be cooking or baking with some of the munchkins in my life. (I started this already when my much younger cousins came to visit and we made Smores Brownies. (Ignore the foil in the photo. It was an idea that didn’t work. Much tweaking to come.)
  • Helpful Hints – I’ve been doing them here and there, but have a lot more to share. Previously shared Helpful Hints are here.
  • Yummy & Quick – Some nights, you just want to have something to eat that feels like more than a sandwich or a bowl of cereal. Previously shared Yummy & Quick posts are here
  • Sharing is Caring – One of the reasons I blog is because I LOVE so share and get feedback on what I’m doing. This is where I’ll share someone else’s work, product, or idea for the day. Previous Sharing is Caring posts can be found here.

I have a few other ideas up my sleeve that I have to get an OK on or work out further before I let you in on them (one of them being Cooking with Frank and another being experimental food stuff).

Here’s where you come in. What would you like to see? What would you like me to make?


One Response to “New Ideas are Cooking”

  1. Sue Says:

    Easy stuff. And desserts. I’ll test.

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