Sharing is Caring – Cinnamon Raisin Braided Twists

Welcome to Sharing is Caring Thursday where I will share a post from someone else’s blog, site or news with you and give some of my thoughts on it too. You might recall that I cook and feed people as a way to show my love for them so I’m looking at this as a way to continue showing my love for others.


Previously, I’ve been a huge fan of the Rold Gold Honey Wheat braided pretzel sticks for a crunchy little snack during the day. They’re tasty and not too bad on the numbers with a slightly sweet, slightly salty bit of goodness. I was out of them the other day and looking for them in the store when I found these instead.

rold-gold-cinnamon-raisinCinnamon Raisin Braided Twists. Yep. I was a little skeptical, but I figured, why not? If they sucked, I could take them to work and share. Someone at work always eats whatever we bring in.

Here’s the thing. They didn’t suck. In fact, in my taste buds estimation, they were DELICIOUS!. You do taste the cinnamon first off and while it’s not subtle, it’s not overpowering. You’re aware of the light salt on the pretzel and the crunch but, then you taste the sweetness of the raisin, just a little. What I did not expect was the buttery flavor that finishes off the pretzel!

It really adds a little something extra.

For my morning nosh, I paired dipped them in my Vanilla Greek Yogurt and it was such a wonderful little way to get me through until lunch time.

If you’re looking for a little nosh do try them, but be warned, you’ll want to eat a good portion of the bag!

Please note that Fritos Lay did not sponsor this post in any way shape or form. I paid for the pretzels out of my own pocket. If they’d like to send me new products (or even current favorites) to try and maybe review, I’d likely be happy to do so and give my honest opinion.


If you have a post to share, please feel free to send it on over for me to share with others! It should be cooking or food related and lets aim for positivity!



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