Change it up!

I don’t know if you know, but I’m trying to get back in the healthy eating game and to shed some of these pounds I’ve put on over the last year. If you’re inclined, you can follow me here with it.This post was originally over there.

One of the things I dislike about getting back on the healthy eating train is that I find myself eating the same things over and over again if I’m not careful. This is because a) I’m lazy about making lunch and what not and b) once you’ve got some good food that you like with good numbers, it can be hard to change things.

But then I get bored and want to have something different or exciting. (Which equates often to me eating out, eating food that doesn’t represent the best choices and is generally WAY too much.

What’s a girl to do?

Here are a few ways I make myself think I’m changing it up:

  1. Heat it up! Seriously, 20 seconds in the microwave and my lean meat, mustard or peanut sauce and cheese on a sandwich round takes on a whole new flavor. (If you’re a mayo and veggie on the sandwich fan, put these on AFTER it gets heated.) The flavors mix in a totally different way and it tastes more decadent once it’s been heated.
  2. Spice it up! A sprinkle of Adobo or Emeril’s, a hint of garlic or whatever your favorite spice happens to be on your sandwich, in your whole wheat pasta, or salad can totally change your lunch. One of my favorite salad “dressings” is a ginger rosemary blend on the salad with a little pepper and white vinegar drizzled over it. Just a bit. So yummy! If it’s your favorite to cook with, try a little on your lunch.
  3. Alternate what you’re having. Sometimes I bring a sandwich, sometimes left overs, sometimes leftovers on a sandwich (zucchini and mushrooms with Gouda on a sandwich round anyone? SO GOOD). Go crazy, but be honest with yourself about how much you’re eating.
  4. Piece it together. Sick of sandwiches? How about a yogurt with sliced fruit mixed in and some whole wheat crackers? A toasted English muffin, with tomatoes and string cheese?

Give it a whirl. What can it hurt? What do you do to change it up?


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